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JP-H02184486-A: Ink ribbon cassette patent, JP-H02184987-A: Bar code reader patent, JP-H02185119-A: Synchronous programmable logic array patent, JP-H0218562-A: Colored image forming material patent, JP-H02186002-A: Installation of steel floor for replacement in bridge patent, JP-H0218710-A: Disk-shaped magnetic recording medium patent, JP-H02187126-A: Dehumidifying process for raw material gas in pressure varying adsorption process and its device patent, JP-H02187779-A: Developing device patent, JP-H02187-A: Isoquinoline derivatives and their use as anticancer agents patent, JP-H02188527-A: Sensitization of multi-drug resistant cell against antitumor agent patent, JP-H02189769-A: Information recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H02189917-A: Treatment equipment patent, JP-H02189995-A: Manufacture of multilayered printed board patent, JP-H02190010-A: Digital crystal oscillator patent, JP-H02190959-A: Exclusive control system for console device patent, JP-H02191065-A: Picture retrieving method patent, JP-H02192539-A: Low temperature cold water making device patent, JP-H02192841-A: Metallic net material and production thereof patent, JP-H02193839-A: Automatic document feed device patent, JP-H02193942-A: Phenoxyacetic acid derivative patent, JP-H02194101-A: Treatment of copper powder patent, JP-H02194811-A: Deodorizing method and its device patent, JP-H02195548-A: Magneto-optical disk device patent, JP-H02196074-A: Production of ceramics-metal joined body patent, JP-H02196803-A: Method for hydrogenation patent, JP-H02197306-A: Roll for rolling mill patent, JP-H02197720-A: Gas heater patent, JP-H02197779-A: Temperature automatic control method for cooling device patent, JP-H02197936-A: Control system for decentralized data base patent, JP-H02199532-A: Method and circuit for multiplying remainder patent, JP-H02199570-A: Registeration/execution system for menu operating procedure patent, JP-H02200250-A: X-ray tomography apparatus patent, JP-H02200975-A: Elevator type tower parking facility patent, JP-H02201647-A: Program correction maintenance system patent, JP-H02201969-A: Processing of single crystal silicon diaphragm patent, JP-H0220204-A: Rotary tiller patent, JP-H02202073-A: Electronic component patent, JP-H02202586-A: Method and apparatus for lowering nitrogen oxides content in waste gas in heating gas-rich or compound coke oven having heating wall comprising a pair of heating flues patent, JP-H02202935-A: Vulcanization-bondable rubber composition patent, JP-H02204255-A: Paper sheet guide mechanism for passbook printer patent, JP-H02204552-A: Masonry unit patent, JP-H02204599-A: Connecting structure of rc segment patent, JP-H0220822-A: Liquid crystal injection method patent, JP-H02208237-A: Bi-ca-sr-cu-o-based superconducting glass-ceramics and their production patent, JP-H02210365-A: Carrier for developer and its production patent, JP-H02211466-A: Developing device patent, JP-H02211956-A: Instrument for observing wear of pinch roll patent, JP-H02212839-A: Device for processing photosensitive material patent, JP-H02212983-A: Pattern comparator patent, JP-H0221355-A: Correction system for mis-shift input character string patent, JP-H02214183-A: Manufacture of semiconductor laser device patent, JP-H02214357-A: Electronic address book incorporated telephone set patent, JP-H02215120-A: Distortion correction in charged particle beam lithography patent, JP-H02215167-A: Optical semiconductor patent, JP-H02215577-A: Printer patent, JP-H0221570-A: Manufacture of molten carbonate fuel cell patent, JP-H02215890-A: Equipment for remote control of coke oven operating machinery patent, JP-H02216069-A: Inspector for multi-terminal product patent, JP-H02216182-A: Conversation learning machine patent, JP-H02216212-A: Production of wholly aromatic polyamide fiber patent, JP-H02217313-A: Improved zeolite composition patent, JP-H02218536-A: Correction for drilling position patent, JP-H0221961-A: Coater patent, JP-H02219804-A: Production of polypropylene patent, JP-H02219815-A: Epoxy resin composition patent, JP-H02220458-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H02220720-A: Manufacture of metallic plate wall panel having flange patent, JP-H02220804-A: Coloration of wood patent, JP-H02221140-A: Efflorescence inhibitor for mortar or concrete and method for preventing efflorescence patent, JP-H02221424-A: Motor-controlling apparatus for spinning frame patent, JP-H02221586-A: Method and device for liner plate execution of shaft patent, JP-H0222237-A: Production of conjugated polyeneyn patent, JP-H02223304-A: Chopper apparatus patent, JP-H02223389-A: Stepping motor and driving method therefor patent, JP-H02223620-A: Oil strainer of internal combustion engine patent, JP-H02224880-A: Electron beam welding method for high nitrogen steel patent, JP-H02227097-A: Production of optically active primary alcohol patent, JP-H02229498-A: Conductive resin composition and molding thereof patent, JP-H02229965-A: Manufacture of metal made of stainless for reinforcing rubber member patent, JP-H02230284-A: Lippmann hologram and its formation patent, JP-H02231356-A: Method and apparatus for treating flexible product patent, JP-H02231780-A: Semiconductor laser device patent, JP-H02232622-A: Supertwisted liquid crystal display and liquid crystal mixture patent, JP-H02232675-A: Transfer paper separation device patent, JP-H02232945-A: Lead frame for semiconductor element patent, JP-H02233443-A: Picture image forming device patent, JP-H02233496-A: Scrap transport device with binding device patent, JP-H02233609-A: Oxamic acid compound and brain function disorder-improving agent patent, JP-H02233999-A: Guidance system patent, JP-H02234086-A: Inspection jig for hybrid ic patent, JP-H02234188-A: Liquid crystal display unit patent, JP-H02234963-A: Production of blanket made of alumina fiber patent, JP-H02235019-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H02235423-A: Magnetostatic wave device patent, JP-H02236489-A: Heat transmission body for cooling patent, JP-H02236571-A: Method for stacking multicolor image patent, JP-H02236687-A: Uneven structure matching method for closed curve patent, JP-H02236913-A: Parts for sound equipment patent, JP-H0223714-A: Output circuit for selectively generating pulse of positive edge and negative edge patent, JP-H02238450-A: Shutter structure for radiographing device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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